TAIRE fresh compsci graduate, free software enthusiast and part time artist

Hey there!

I am taire, your friendly neighbourhood nerd.
I spend my evenings and weekends creating low poly models in Blender and dreaming up new things to draw - all of which will eventually arrive in the internet, for you to rest your eyes upon.


I started to get to know Blender in 2020, but really started to use it in late 2021 after I graduated and started my first job. Since then, I have created various ducks (and more will come in the future), as well as other things.


All software I use for my art is free (as in “free beer” and in “free to use, study, share and change”). For drawing, I prefer Krita, 3D modeling is done in Blender. Everything is made using Arch Linux, videos are edited in Kdenlive.


Currently, I am not taking commissions. But if you have any suggestions you want me to create, reach out to me on any of the platforms below or send a mail to art@taire.de.