Cheat Sheet - PureRef

Last Updated: 03.07.2021

Copy pasta from their help page, used for personal reference


Function Shortcut
Move window right click drag
Open menu right click
Select images left click/drag
Focus images double left click
Zoom to pointer scroll wheel
Pan Scene scroll click drag

Pro Mode

Function Shortcut
Align Bottom Ctrl+Down
Align Left Ctrl+Left
Align Right Ctrl+Right
Align Top Ctrl+Up
Always On Bottom Ctrl+Shift+B
Always On Top Ctrl+Shift+A
Arrange By Addition Ctrl+Alt+A
Arrange By Name Ctrl+Alt+N
Arrange Optimal Ctrl+P
Close Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Decrease Master Opacity Ctrl+-
Distribute Horizontal Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up
Distribute Vertical Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down
Export All Images Ctrl+Alt+I
Export Scene Ctrl+E
Export Selected Images Ctrl+Shift+I
Grayscale Ctrl+Alt+G
Help Ctrl+H
Increase Master Opacity Ctrl++
Load Images Ctrl+I
Load Most Recent Ctrl+Shift+L
Load Ctrl+L
Lock Canvas Ctrl+R
Lock Window Ctrl+W
Maximize Ctrl+F
Minimize Ctrl+M
New Scene Ctrl+K
Normalize Height Ctrl+Alt+Left
Normalize Scale Ctrl+Alt+Down
Normalize Size Ctrl+Alt+Up
Normalize Width Ctrl+Alt+Right
Note Ctrl+N
Open Source Ctrl+Shift+O
Optimize Canvas Ctrl+O
Overlay Selection Ctrl+Y
Pack All And Optimize Ctrl+Shift+P
Paste Ctrl+V
Preset Custom1 Alt+4
Preset Custom2 Alt+5
Preset Custom3 Alt+6
Preset Custom4 Alt+7
Preset Dark Alt+1
Preset Glass Alt+3
Preset Light Alt+2
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z
Relink Missing Images Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R
Reset Camera Zoom Ctrl+Shift+G
Reset Camera Ctrl+G
Reset Cropping Ctrl+Shift+C
Reset Transform Ctrl+Shift+T
Resize To Selection Ctrl+Shift+R
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S
Save Ctrl+S
Settings Ctrl+U
Stack Ctrl+Alt+S
Toggle Bilinear Sampling Alt+T
Toggle Grayscale Alt+G
Transparent To Mouse Ctrl+T
Undo Ctrl+Z