Cheat Sheet - Godot



[Ctrl] + [A] add child node
[Ctrl] + click on “extends Asef” opens documentation (inside godot window!) for Asef

Code Abbreviations

$Sprite short for get_node(“Sprite”)
linear_velocity Speed and direction, is most times added by a Vector2(speed, direciton)
lerp linear interpolation: normalizes between two vectors. can be used to slowly stop a motion



Nodes können zu Gruppen hinzugefügt werden, über rechtes Panel Node -> Groups -> Gruppe erstellen
add_to_group(“enemies”) per Code
kann per get_tree().call_group(groupname, function) angesprochen werden

Instancing Scenes

var scene = load(“res://myscene.tscn”) # Will load when the script is instanced.
var scene = preload(“res://myscene.tscn”) # Will load when parsing the script.
var node = scene.instance() # scene is not yet a node before calling instance()


Godots version of observer pattern
sends message that other nodes can listen for and respond to them
signal my_signal defines new signals, arguments are optional but would be placed in ()
emit_signal(“my_signal”, )\


add points: draw counterclockwise to make things go to the inside. draw clockwise to select everything on the outside

Add new Objects to scene

var mob = Mob.instance() add_child(mob) -> new Mob instance, added as child


Naming conventions

Nodes/classes PascalCase
variables snake_case
constants ALL_CAPS


_ready() called when node (and children) enter the active scene
init() constructor
[signal] für [node] muss Name eingetragen werden, z.b. _on_Asef_pressed wenn Button Asef heisst, Target muss Script attached haben
_process(delta) updated Anzeige nach jedem Frame. delta ist vergangene Zeit als Kommazahl, nicht sync mit physics, läuft nach physics
_physics_process() läuft vor jedem physics Schritt, z.B. zur Kontrolle von Charactern, default 60times/sec, änderbar unter Physics -> Common -> Physics Fps
new() generate new objects, e.g. Sprites (s = add_child(s) to add a new Sprite as a child node)
free() free node and its childs from tree, e.g. for deleting. Better use Node.queue_free() to delete when idle to avoid crashing
export var asef shows variable in Inspector Tab, is editable there instead of “hard coded”
set_deferred(vars) wait to do stuff till its safe to do so, e.g. waiting to finish collision processing
PI GDScript uses radians instead of degrees. Alternatives are deg2rad() oder rad2deg() to convert


Sprite Frame Resources

can be saved manually and loaded to show different outfits etc of the same character

play animations



import Tilesets, define size and grid of each tile
click to place, drag to place a row
rightclick to erase

Collision Shapes

can be oneway, check box to enable. Arrow indicates direction you have to fall to collide with shape

Parallax Background

parallax background
parallax layer
turn off centered
motion -> scale to 0.6 to be slower than the foreground
scale up to 2


layers can be renamed in project settings -> layer names -> physics 2D


comparable to a walking stick, detects things in your way


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